AWC Launches The ONE Platform™

For the last three decades, Advanced Wireless Communications has worked alongside thousands of business teams, listening and learning about day-to-day challenges and creating solutions that will improve customer experience and productivity, while also delivering actionable information required to run your business. Now, we are moving into a new era of solutions with The ONE Platform.

What is The ONE Platform?

ONE™ is a revolutionary, single-source technology solution designed to connect your multiple business communication ecosystems. And, it’s a go for launch.

Transforming the World of Work

AWC plays a critical role in transforming the world of work using technology and automation to help businesses scale on demand, improve resiliency, minimize infrastructure investments, and deploy solutions rapidly and securely. THIS is why AWC launched The ONE Platform; to create a better, all-in-one solution for our partners. Our game-changing technology plays nice in all industries, but its biggest fans live in the world of retail and senior living facilities.

How ONE Solves Pesky Retail Communication Problems

According to NRF’s recent consumer survey, 61 percent of consumers say they depend on physical stores being open to meet their shopping needs of themselves and their families (NRF, 2021). That’s a fairly large chunk of consumers who still shop in-store, and now, more than ever, they want retailers to continue delivering on the customer experience.

The challenge? Providing the best customer experience relies on knowledgeable and helpful staff that will keep that 61 percent of consumers coming back for more. Most physical stores are dealing with staff shortages, outdated technology, and a lack of stats which means retailers are bound to see a few bumps in the road that could lead to a poor customer experience that will affect customer loyalty in the long run. 

The solution? Providing your stores and team members with reliable technology solutions that will make communication easy, efficient, and professional. The ONE Platform can help manage day-to-day communication operations more efficiently and effectively, leading to more satisfied customers, faster transactions, and repeat business.

How ONE Empowers Senior Living Facility Staff

Most senior living facilities are looking for ways to improve care, reduce employee turnover, and control spiraling costs. Technology should serve care providers and reduce workload, not create more work, as many current systems do. It should also be flexible to change as needs develop.

At senior living facilities, resident care simply can’t be sacrificed. So, while care providers are busy focusing on their residents, The ONE Platform focuses on delivering alerts, reminders, and reports. ONE even has the ability to tap into traditional wired nurse call systems which will bring those systems into the wireless world.

An All-in-One State of Mind

The ONE Platform is an all-in-one technology that can do the job of many different systems. It can sync independent communication tools into one ecosystem, plus it works well with existing systems that you may already have in place. Either way, The ONE Platform can seamlessly connect an ecosystem of communication platforms and immediately streamline communication.

The ONE Platform has no industry bias and can conform to and support any infrastructure in any working environment. No matter what industry you’re playing in, you can see an exponential return on investment through increased productivity and performance that will reduce operational costs, and drive efficiency.

Technology and Communication go Hand-in-Hand

The ONE Platform brings technology and communication together so teams can do their jobs efficiently. Get a deeper dive into The ONE Platform’s capabilities, by downloading the playbook here.

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