It’s no secret that senior living facilities and their staff are operating in a less-than-ideal work environment. There’s limited staff on hand, state and federal safety regulations to stay on top of, and the pressure to prioritize resident care while ensuring the facility is operating as a well-oiled machine.

Senior living communities need innovations that help mitigate the issues at hand and the continuous growing needs in senior care. But how is this done?

Automation! With today’s technology and limited staff, it makes sense to automate as many tasks as possible so senior caretakers can truly focus on their residents’ needs. It can be overwhelming to determine what should be automated though. Tasks that often get put on the backburner but are critical to safety, such as refrigeration and water temperature monitoring, are a great place to start and take the pesky task off of the daily task list.


We’ve covered how automating can help senior living staff focus on resident care. Automating temperature monitoring has more than just one purpose though.

Automated temperature monitoring of your systems catches issues early, preventing unnecessary losses and ensuring they are operating correctly.

It also tracks and records temperature readings over the course of a day, so if your senior living facility is required to record temperature readings, it’s automatically logged for you.


ONE™ Temperature is an easy way to monitor the temperatures of various objects in your senior living facility using temperature sensors and probes. These sensors can be used to activate when temperatures go outside a certain high or low-temperature threshold. The alerts can be audible, email, SMS, and visual “dashboard”.

ONE Temperature is part of The ONE Platform™ family of solutions, so any activations created by ONE Temperature can be used for reporting and notifications to many of The ONE Platform outputs such as radio, SMS, voice call, and ONE™ Mobile. ONE Temperature also has special reports for temperature logging.

The diagram below shows a few different input and output possibilities.

Diagram of ONE™ Temperature input and output options
ONE™ Temperature input and output options

Refrigeration And Freezer Monitoring

Many refrigeration units, freezer units, and medicine storage units within a senior living facility are required to be monitored and meet local, state, and federal health regulations. ONE Temperature automatically logs information so your staff can focus on resident care.

Temperatures are monitored in real time so any variation that lands outside your preset thresholds are alerted and recorded. Normal day-to-day measurements can be defined throughout the day eliminating manual interaction, and are time-stamped and recorded for your records. 

Don’t Forget About Water Temperatures

Senior living facilities need to monitor hot water temperatures as well. This normally would require a maintenance staff member to go to every room twice a week to check the temperature. With ONE Temperature, this can be done automatically.

Other Systems Should Be Monitored Too

Don’t forget about other vital systems within your senior living facility that need to be regularly monitored. HVAC systems and humidity levels should be constantly monitored to ensure the environment of the senior living facility is acceptable. Even IT closets should be monitored to prevent possible electrical issues or fires. The great news is ONE Temperature can integrate with just about any system in your senior living facility.


AWC continues to enhance the power of The ONE Platform by providing a low-cost yet powerful temperature monitoring solution for senior living facilities. To learn more about ONE Temperature and how it can work in your facility click here or contact us at

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