7 Ways to Support Your Local Community During the Pandemic

At AWC we are huge advocates in giving back to the community so here are 7 ways to support your local community during the COVID-19 pandemic:

1. Stay Home

One of the best ways to support your local community is to practice social distancing and only go out when absolutely necessary.

2. Donate Blood and Plasma

While the American Red Cross has been able to meet immediate needs, the organization is still encouraging people to keep donating in order to ensure a consistent supply throughout the pandemic. Book a blood donation appointment here.

3. Buy Local

You can help the small businesses you love stay in business by buying their products and services. In fact, many small businesses are operating online and by phone now. And buying local means you’re not only supporting community businesses, but you will get your products faster than if you ordered them from an online megastore.

4. Donate to Food Shelves

Support you community by donating time and resources to your local food shelves. Make it easy by picking up a prepackaged food shelf bag available at participating grocery stores, some even deliver them for you! To find a food shelf near you, click here.

5. Dine Inside

Enjoy your favorite local restaurant’s cuisine at home! Order food from restaurants that are offering curbside pickup or delivery.

6. Buy Now, Use Later Gift Cards

Local businesses are struggling to stay afloat as non-essential workers have been ordered to stay at home. Support them by buying gift cards to use at a later date when they reopen or buy their merchandise online if available. This helps the company to stay afloat financially during this time and shows your love of their business.

7. Take Care of Yourself

Self-care is incredibly important at a time like this, and ensuring that you’re making safe and smart choices is a civic duty of the utmost importance. So for some, doing your part will simply mean taking care of yourself. And that’s okay!

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