4 Two-Way Radio Problems with Simple Solutions

Having an issue with your two-way radios, especially if you just recently purchased them, is frustrating. However, the solution might be easier (and less expensive) than you think. Here are four common problems with simple solutions.

1. Radio is “Dead”

Depleted Battery
The most likely culprit is a dead battery. If that is the case, replace it with a fully charged battery to use the two-way radio immediately or allow the current battery to charge until full before use.

Connector Problems
If the batteries are good, check to make sure that the battery is correctly installed and that the device’s battery connectors are not obstructed or damaged.

2. Short Battery Life

Improper Charging
A partially charged battery will run out of juice a lot sooner than a fully charged battery but don’t over charge the batteries either. Continual charging may reduce battery life over time.

End of an Era
Your battery may be old. Overtime rechargeable batteries will begin to degrade and lose its charging power. We recommended that you replace your batteries every 2-3 years to get the best service out of your two-way radios.

3. Poor Range

Antenna Issues
Make sure that the antenna is correctly secured to the radio and is not damaged. If damaged, the antenna will need to be replaced to properly receive a signal.

Extended Coverage Needed
Repeaters can extend the range of communication by boosting the signal where the repeater is located so the signal may continue traveling. They can help get around obstacles or extend the range of communication beyond what is possible with only hand-held two-way radios.

4. Communication Issues

Proper Channel Selection
Make sure that the radios are set to the proper channel for your department and that the person you are trying to reach is using the same channel as you.

If the volume level is too low you may miss calls. Turning up the volume is the easiest solution but if a quieter work environment is needed, using a headset is recommended.

Proper Technique
For clarity and ease of listening hold the radio two inches away from your mouth when speaking. Use a normal tone and speak a little slower for the best results. For more information about two-way radio etiquette and proper technique check out Radio 101: Etiquette and Usage.

These solutions are quick to check and can be quick to fix but it will not always be so simple. If the solutions above do not help, check out our support page for additional problems and solutions or give us a call at (800) 475-5852 for more information.

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