We’re Live at NRF!

Live From New York City It’s AWC

We made it to New York City! Retail’s Big Show is the largest event in the world of all things retail. It is a bustling hub of nearly 30,000 retailers, vendors, and industry experts networking amongst industry visionaries. Blazing new technology is on display and C-suite executives have come together to forecast the next big thing. It’s kind of a big deal!

This Isn’t A Vacation, We Came Here To Help

We came to NRF to show retailers how they can communicate better. Advanced Wireless Communications prioritizes its role in the retail industry by keeping an eye on the trends in the retail world and providing solutions where there are opportunities for retail businesses to improve and grow. For dozens of years, AWC has helped retailers identify and overcome obstacles. 

Meet Our Retail Team

Our team values personal connection and would love to have the opportunity to meet you in person. We will be at our booth (#1337) during open expo hall hours. 

Enjoy A Beer On Us

Stop by Advanced Wireless Communications booth #1337 on January 17-18 from 1-5PM for a free beer in exchange for fifteen minutes of your time to learn about our solutions for your retail business. As we discover what your pain points are, you will find our solutions…..well, refreshing.

Discover Solutions Made For The Sales Floor

Shrink Prevention

Across the board, retailers have been experiencing an increasing level of theft. This is a trend in the retail world that AWC is dedicated to finding innovative solutions to adapt to a changing retail landscape. Our team helps retailers address shrink with several types of technology including the Dwell sensors and PA systems. 

Dwell sensors address the issue that there are virtually unlimited places within a store for a shoplifter to steal and cameras can’t cover everywhere in a store. A national home goods retailer installed several AWC wireless Dwell sensors in their stores to deter theft in the most common hiding places in their stores. When an unusual Dwell is detected, a flashing infrared light turns on and puts the patron “On Notice.” Shrink was materially reduced, and the solution was implemented into their most vulnerable stores.

The PA system tackles the problem when many retailers are open late, staffing is slim, and criminal behavior is more prominent, putting team members’ safety at risk. Team members will feel safer knowing there are technologies in place to deter potential shoplifters and unwelcome guests. This helps reduce turnover of key personnel within the evening and late-night hours.

Streamline Team Communications

Advanced Wireless Communications helps retailers streamline their internal communications as well. The AWR Advantage™ is the best two-way radio for businesses on the market. It helps team members stay on the same page and feel more connected which helps prevent turnover. AWC also helps retailers eliminate cord chaos with the innovative CHARGE-ALL™ custom charging station. Instead of messing with the dreaded jumbled pile of cords, Charge-All users can conveniently place their radios into cups and rest assured that their radios will be fully charged and ready to use. It is a top priority of AWC to help retail partners never miss a beat.

Transform Curbside Pickup Solutions

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, retailers have had to adjust to many new challenges. The increase in demand for curbside pickup has become one of the most dramatic changes in retail. AWC offers easy to deploy curbside solutions that are geared to make curbside pickup quick, efficient, and simple for both customers and team members. These solutions offer flexibility, scalability, and unmatched communication options. AWC offers four different curbside pickup solutions: two-way radios, two-way call boxes, telephone interconnect, and text messaging with our ONE™ Platform. Implementing these innovative curbside pickup solutions will help retailers keep up with the new way of thinking from consumers since COVID-19.

Advanced Wireless Communications is attending NRF’s Big Show because we’ve identified three trends in retail:

  1. Rising levels of shrink
  2. Loss in team morale
  3. Increase in consumer demand for curbside pickup

Advanced Wireless Communications brings innovative solutions to all of these problems for retailers. Stop by our booth (#1337) to learn more. See you soon!

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